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Talking to the right audience is the best strategy your business can have

M2 COMMUNICATIONS is an award winning, minority-certified and woman-owned agency specializing in driving targeted digital campaigns tailored to your specific industry needs. With a focus on localized and data-driven approaches, we connect your message with your ideal audience, whether you're aiming to boost brand visibility or drive conversions for a particular product or event. Our precision targeting capabilities span all device types, allowing us to track online and offline conversions – in real time.

What We Do


Our ability to hyper-target, driven by proprietary data-sourcing practices, ensures more audience engagement. By leveraging precision data analytics and our extensive network, we guarantee your message reaches those who matter most – resulting in more conversions.

As businesses navigate the evolving market, our tailored solutions combined with our innovative digital platform feature proven success. With targeting that adapts to shifting consumer behaviors, we empower businesses to reclaim their customer base and enhance overall performance. Our approach prioritizes cost-effectiveness, while providing real-time data for faster, better-informed decision-making.

Specialized Digital Solutions:

  • Digital Programmatic Strategies.
  • OTT (Streaming TV).
  • Video & Display Advertising.
  • Household Geofencing.
  • Native Contextual Solution.
  • Site Retargeting.
  • Keyword & Search Retargeting.
  • Search Engine Marketing.
  • Social Media Ads.

Other Services:​

  • Media Planning and Buying.
  • Community Outreach.
  • Public Relations.
  • Events and Promotions.


Past & Current Clients


Pleased To Meet You

Martha Medina

President & Founder

Milena Tous

VP of Brand Strategy

Fernando Medina

Director of Operations in Latin America

Vivian Bruges

Director of Operations Spain

Jazmin Madrigal

Marketing Specialist

Daisy Garcia

Director Brand Strategy

Andrea Dominguez

Digital Content Editor

Case Studies

Outdoor Festival Boosts Ticket Sales with Our Unique Platform

The annual festival is a celebration that champions local vendors, musicians, and various talents, reflecting a long-standing tradition spanning nearly a century. This year's event holds particular significance as it marks the first gathering since the onset of the pandemic, promising a return to community engagement and cultural festivities. Serving as a full-service advertising and PR agency, the festival's promotion extends across consumer, retail, B2B, industrial, and financial sectors. Leveraging a partnership with our associated platform, the festival boasts omnichannel capabilities and precise audience targeting, ensuring maximum outreach and engagement.


● Utilized large-screen CTV advertising, programmatic display, and social media display/pre-roll video ads to boost online ticket sales and in-person visits.

● Coordinated social media and programmatic efforts using the associated platform’s managed service for Facebook to maximize reach.

● Employed addressable programmatic solutions for household-level targeting and other location-based/behavioral targeting tactics.

● Utilized cross-device matching capabilities to attribute conversions from both online ticket sales and in-person attendance.


Overall, the three-week campaign was successful, and the festival and team were thrilled with the results. The campaign delivered 916 online ticket sales and another 6,025 website visits. Additionally, the M2 attributed 210 offline conversions to the festival itself via the Geo-Fencing with Conversion Zones tactic. Our associated platform also achieved a 98.2% Video Completion Rate for CTV ads. Finally, when comparing performance, our associated platform more than doubled the amount of Facebook impressions and beat their previous engagement metrics for past campaigns.

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