Our work

City Colleges of Chicago


A community college with seven campuses was seeking to support its fall enrollment efforts. They wanted to increase enrollment, build awareness, drive users to their website, and target African Americans/Hispanics between the ages of 18 and 45 years old.


● Developed a strategy of addressable geofencing and site retargeting to reach users.


● Used English/Spanish display banners and pre-roll video ads

Performan Drops

● Improve the campaign’s performance by optimizing to the highest performing domains, apps, and zip codes in real-time.


By optimizing to the highest-performing domains, apps, and zip codes, our platform delivered a CTR of 0.20%. Delivering 23,028,125 impressions and 46,056 clicks within a 3-month period

Additional Success Stories

Local Hospital's Programmatic Campaign Engages AA & USH Consumers

A local hospital wanted to raise awareness of its COVID-19 Vaccination program, particularly among African American and Latinx consumers. It enlisted the help of our platform to reach a relevant audience by utilizing both English and Spanish ads. The hospital wanted to achieve a high CTR and track the number of views through visits to its website.


● Our platform's team and the advertiser developed a strategy of digital display ads and OTT/CTV campaigns.

Performan Drops

● After launch, our platform and our multivariate algorithms worked to improve the campaign’s performance by optimizing towards the highest-performing banners and videos and optimized audiences.


● Each targeting tactic was supported by English and Spanish display and pre-roll video ads.

Outdoor Festival Boosts Ticket Sales with Our Associated Platform

The annual festival is a celebration that champions local vendors, musicians, and various talents, reflecting a long-standing tradition spanning nearly a century. This year's event holds particular significance as it marks the first gathering since the onset of the pandemic, promising a return to community engagement and cultural festivities. Serving as a full-service advertising and PR agency, the festival's promotion extends across consumer, retail, B2B, industrial, and financial sectors. Leveraging a partnership with our associated platform, the festival boasts omnichannel capabilities and precise audience targeting, ensuring maximum outreach and engagement.


Overall, the three-week campaign was successful, and the festival and team were thrilled with the results. The campaign delivered 916 online ticket sales and another 6,025 website visits. Additionally, the M2 attributed 210 offline conversions to the festival itself via the Geo-Fencing with Conversion Zones tactic. Our associated platform also achieved a 98.2% Video Completion Rate for CTV ads. Finally, when comparing performance, our associated platform more than doubled the amount of Facebook impressions and beat their previous engagement metrics for past campaigns.

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